This page is for my readers. It will have fun facts and activities for you to do. 

A bit of random information: My very little grandson doesn’t understand the idea of perspective, he insists that the small horse that is, in fact, the one in the distance is a baby horse!


I've wanted to be a writer since I was very little. If you are interested in writing would you like to have a go at this?


Think of either a character of your own or pick a character from Flight and writer a letter from them to you, introducing themselves. It is a good exercise to do when you are getting to know your characters when writing. 

Make a Mess

Kizzy created a poultice that she used on Raluca’s leg to help him when he had a thorn in his leg that had got infected. A poultice is normally herbs mixed with flour or bran if available, so it becomes like a clay. It is warmed and then applied to the leg. See if you could make one by mixing some flour with herbs or grass and weeds. (don't pick any plants without permission and check they are safe) Pummel and mix them together with water using a big stone until it becomes a paste. What does it feel like? Can you imagine having that spread on you to make you feel better like Raluca?  


Below is some downloadable artwork that you can use. There is a horse that you might want to colour in or design some wonderful tack for them. How about designing a spectacular uniform for the person to wear? There is also a scroll. How about designing a poster to advertise the performance in Flight?


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